Dienstag, 26. April 2011


Along with the 15mm-stuff I bought a couple of 6mm figurines, but I can already tell that this is too much of a tactical scale for my taste.

I doubt the poor buggers ever get bases.

Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

Walkers keep on walking

Welcome to this blog and the very first post.

I only recently dipped my toes into SF wargaming, mainly to get a break from painting lots and lots of Napoleonics.

Anyway, I like Walkers - ever since starwars and just like any healthy male, so I placed an order with the very cheerful Gents at Critical Mass Games, A few days later 2 Walkers, some weapon-platform and a bunch of grunts arrived at my Summer-palace in Berlin.

I almost immediately started paintibg and enjoyed myself very much. Facings? Piping?
Hah! Freedom!

Please enjoy a few impressions of what is going on on my paint-table.

The current wip, a very nicely done multi-pose walker with metal-parts. I used Micro-art bases and oh boy they're beautiful. Anyway no camo yet and I certainly will plant some dry grass and might even put some more dirt on the base to make the surface more interesting.

Grunts and another tactical walker: